Wisemans Everflux - 250ml

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Everflux is recognised as the leading water soluble plumbing flux. Developed over 40 years’, Everflux represents the pinnacle in high-speed self cleaning flux technology. This water soluble flux paste is used to prep metals for soldering. The paste is a chemical compound which preps the metal by cleaning it of any oxides, it also adds moisture to help the flow of solder resulting in a better, more even join. 

  • Soluble in both hot and cold water
  • Non-stick formulation allowing for easier joint adjustment post fluxing
  • Industry standard plumbers flux
  • Compatible with both leaded and unleaded solder
  • Fast cleaning action
  • Low odour formulation providing a better working environment 
  • Corrosion inhibitor prevents corrosion
  • Metallic compound produces stronger joints