Wirquin Jollyflush and Jollyfill Air Flushing Kit

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Introducing the Wirquin Universal JollyFlush and JollyFill Air fittings kit, a versatile solution tailored to fit nearly all bottom entry close coupled cisterns, offering comprehensive functionality and water-saving features.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with both 1.5" and 2" cistern outlets with bottom entry inlet, ensuring broad applicability across various setups.
  2. Air Gap Compliance: Meeting all AG Air Gap requirements, the JollyFill Air inlet valve eliminates the risk of backflow. It is WRAS/KIWA Reg4 approved to BS1212-4 standards.
  3. WRAS Approval: Both the inlet and flush valve are WRAS approved, guaranteeing compliance with rigorous quality and safety standards.
  4. Water Saving Technology: The JollyFill Air inlet valve, featuring delayed action technology, intelligently releases water into the cistern only after the flush cycle is complete, promoting water conservation. Similarly, the JollyFlush cable dual flush valve boasts adjustable flush volume settings for optimized water usage.
  5. Proven Performance: Tested to endure 200,000 fill and flush cycles, equivalent to over 35 years of typical usage for a family of four, ensuring long-lasting reliability.
  6. Adjustable Design: Suitable for cistern heights ranging from 300mm to 420mm, with a telescopic overflow adjustable from 240mm to 270mm, accommodating various installation requirements.
  7. Reversible Inlet Water Discharge: The position of the water discharge can be easily adjusted to suit even the most compact installations, enhancing flexibility.
  8. Convenient Installation: With a 300mm cable length and supplied with a chrome button adjustable from 14mm to 46mm in diameter, installation is straightforward and adaptable to most setups. The button can be conveniently positioned either in the front or on the top of the cistern.
  9. Easy Maintenance: The kit includes a bolted close coupling kit, close coupling washer, and reducing washer, facilitating hassle-free installation and maintenance.

Experience the convenience, efficiency, and water-saving benefits of the Wirquin Universal JollyFlush and JollyFill Air fittings kit – an essential addition to any modern bathroom.

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