Topsleeve Universal Sheep Wool Pipe Insulation

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This natural choice of pipe insulation covers different pipe sizes with a simple application process. For both new and existing installations, as well as being able to fit around complex joints, corners, and compact pipework, TOPSLEEVE effortlessly insulates pipes by creating a thermal barrier. In addition to the insulation benefits this product also offers acoustic insulation, stopping noisy pipes between cavities which expand & contract with temperature changes when in use.  

100mm x 7.2m of Universal Pipe Insulation Wrap for insulating pipes of any size. This wrap is designed to also be used to cover multiple pipes as per the images shown. This 7.2m roll is estimated to cover approximately 4m of 15mm pipe and 3m of 22mm pipe.

  • Natural Sheep Wool Insulation
  • Ideal for tight spaces, corners and joints
  • Universal to fit all pipe sizes
  • Fire retardant
  • Recyclable after use
  • Protection against freezing and heat loss therefore saving energy
  • Thermal barrier helps the reduction of condensation  

Product Specification / Health & Safety Data Sheet