ESi Controls ESCTDEB Electronic Dual Hot Water Cylinder Thermostat

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ESi Controls Electronic Dual Hot Water Cylinder Thermostat - Heating Controls - ESi Controls - Bliss Bathroom Supplies Ltd -
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The ESCTDEB hot water electronic dual hot water cylinder thermostat offers both safety & energy saving benefits for homeowners. With increasing energy costs and the need to safely control the temperature of stored hot water the ESCTDEB dual hot water thermostat has a built in weekly pasteurisation programme which automatically raises the hot water temperature to 61°C to prevent legionella growth allowing the stored water temperature to be lower, saving energy and money & providing peace of mind for users.

Key Features:

● Weekly one hour pasteurisation cycle to prevent legionella growth providing energy savings and peace of mind
● Accurate temperature control for maximum money saving
● Easy to use and quick to install
● Clear and informative LCD display with red LED showing when the boiler is in operation
● Pre-set limit/safety thermostat prevents overheating
● Concealed manual over temperature reset
● Wide user defined temperature range
● Large clear adjustable dial
● 3-year warranty for complete peace of mind