Which Tap is Best for your Bathroom?

Choosing the right bathroom taps can be a daunting task, especially with the myriad of options available in the market. From traditional to contemporary designs, and mixer to pillar faucets, the choices are endless. So, selecting the right tap for your bathroom isn’t just about aesthetics; it's also about functionality and longevity. Opting for a tap which suits your aesthetic, is functional and made to last will save you in the long run. Not to worry, we have a wide range of taps available that shall tick all these boxes.

We’ve researched and written this blog post to help guide you through the process of choosing the best bathroom taps that suit your style and meet your needs. We have also linked a variety of different taps within this post directly to our website, so that finding the best tap for your bathroom is a far less daunting process. Our Tolu Bath Filler displayed in the header image is a popular choice for modern bathrooms! 

Understanding the Different Types of Bathroom Taps

Before we delve into which type of tap is best for your bathroom, let's understand the different types available, and which of the bathroom styles they suit best.


Mixer Taps: These are a more modern tap designed to mix hot and cold water within the unit before it flows out of the spout. They are best suited to modern bathrooms and anyone looking for a convenient option to mix both hot and cold water together. Mixer Taps like our Alora Basin Mixer offer the option to completely alter the water flow within the tap to suit you. If you’re looking for hot or cold water only, then you can open each individually, or you can open the hot and cold water supply together to access a variety of temperatures to suit you.



Pillar Taps: These are more traditional taps designed with two separate valves to access hot and cold water. They are best suited to bathrooms with a classic or vintage design due to their traditional heritage, our Jemima Taps are a beautiful option for those with a vintage bathroom. However, there are also many pillar taps available now days with a modern style, so their suitability really does come down to function. Not all basins and baths cater to Mixer Taps, some designs have two tap holes and so are only compatible with a pair of Pillar Taps. If you’ve fallen in love with or already have a bath or basin with two tap holes, you’ll be limited to the type of tap that you can choose. Some of you prefer to have full control over each individual water supply, and so these taps are greatly suited to these people. Everyone has a budget, and Pillar Taps can be a more affordable option for those with a smaller budget as they’re often cheaper than more complex ones like Mixer Taps.


Monobloc Taps: These taps function in a very similar way to Mixer Taps but instead have a single lever controlling both the hot and cold water flow. Their modern, easy to operate design pairs perfectly with contemporary bathrooms. Anyone looking for a minimalistic vibe, these taps would be well suited to your bathroom. They're also a safer option for families with young children who might accidentally turn on only the hot water to wash their hands, as the cooler water mixing with the hot helps to prevent risk of scalding. If you prefer your hot water temperature set high, singular hot taps can rise to high temperatures very quickly. This means young children still learning the basics could accidentally use the hot tap only and experience discomfort when washing their hands. This design of tap has a single handle making it much easier for young children to operate and set to a safer temperature. We offer a variety of taps like these on our website, our Valley Mono Basin Mixer and Groove Mono Basin Mixer taps are wonderful choices!


Wall-Mounted Taps: As their name suggests, these taps are mounted on the wall rather than on a basin or bath and are a wonderful choice. They offer a clean look and save countertop space so are ideal for anyone requiring more space to store any toiletries on the side. As they’re often more of a minimalistic design, they’ll suit any bathroom with this interior design style, they’re perfect for anyone looking to make a statement! However, due to their design the installation process requires far more time and precision which can make them a costly choice. As the plumbing to the water supply is concealed within the wall rather than exposed within a vanity unit or pedestal, this choice of tap can incur larger installation costs. Also, it can be much harder to spot a leak and costly to correct it, especially if the tap is mounted onto a tiled wall. These taps offer a fabulous aesthetic but might not be a suitable choice for those looking for functionality over aesthetics.


Freestanding Taps: This type of tap stands alone beside a bath rather than being attached to a basin, bath, or wall. They make a bold statement in larger bathrooms and when installed correctly can give a bathroom a very luxurious look. They’re most certainly suited to anyone with a larger bathroom and to those able to accommodate a freestanding bath. Unfortunately, due to their size they require a larger quantity of materials during production and so come with a larger price tag, making them less suitable for anyone on a budget.


Factors to Consider when Choosing your Bathroom Taps

We’ve put together a list of some factors that we think you should consider when choosing your new bathroom taps.

Style of Your Bathroom: The design of your bathroom plays an essential role in deciding which type of tap would be most suitable. For instance, if you have a traditional bathroom design, a pair of pillar taps in a more vintage looking style would be a perfect fit. Whereas a mixer or monobloc tap would complement a modern bathroom design much better.

Space: The size of your bathroom and basin is another large factor to consider. If you have a small basin, a large tap isn’t going to be the best fit, it may look out of proportion. Also basins with a larger rim around the edge such as the K-VIT Purity Unit and Ceramic Basin are not a great fit with taps that have a shorter spout. This is because the water cannot flow directly into the centre of the bowl due to the spout being shorter. Our Eunoia Mono Basin Mixer is better suited to the Purity Unit and Basin due to its longer spout directing the water into the centre of the bowl. Taps with shorter spouts work far better with smaller basins or with ones that have thinner rims. If you have a smaller bathroom and find yourself limited on space, wall-mounted taps are great for saving space and keeping a stylish look.

Water Pressure: Not all taps work well with all water systems. Some require high pressure to function correctly, while others are designed for low-pressure systems. Ensure you know the water pressure of your system before making a purchase, otherwise you may end up not getting the best experience.

Budget: Bathroom taps have a wide variety in price ranges, depending on their design, material, and brand. It's essential to choose one that fits within your budget without compromising on quality. This is certainly possible as our taps offer quality and prices to suit everyone’s budget.

So, Which Type of Tap Really is Best for your Bathroom?

The answer depends on your specific needs and preferences which have been addressed within this post.

Mixer Taps are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for full control over their water supply. Choose between a variety of temperatures hot, cold or a mixture of both. This tap caters to all the different options. If you live in a modern home with young children, the convenience and safety of a monobloc tap would be an excellent choice because they can help to prevent accidental scalding by mixing hot and cold water within the unit. Also, for those minimalists out there, who prefer a sleek and modern look with easy operation, monobloc taps are ideal as they come with a single lever controlling both the hot and cold water flow. If you have a traditional or vintage style bathroom, a pair of pillar taps can add to its classic charm, whilst offering you full control over your water temperature with the separate hot and cold water supply. Wall-mounted taps offer a clean look and save countertop space, making them perfect for smaller bathrooms or those aiming for minimalist aesthetics. Those looking for that wow factor, freestanding taps make a bold statement in larger bathrooms with standalone baths, so are definitely the right choice for these spaces.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to choosing bathroom taps. So, it really does depend on various factors like the style of your bathroom, available space, water pressure, and budget. However, no matter which type you choose, ensure that it is a good quality one and complements the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. After all, the aim is to find the right tap to elevate the look of your bathroom and make your daily routine far easier and more enjoyable.

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